Our Approach To Executive Sales Recruitment

We know we can't be all things to all people. That's why we specialize in a very narrow niche: sales management and sales executive jobs in the managed print sales and document management industries. Having spent 25 years recruiting for this niche, we know exactly what type of sales talent you need to drive your revenue and bottom line.

3peopleWe're not your ordinary sales recruiter. What makes us extraordinary?

The short version:

Save your sanity from having to interview unqualified candidates for senior sales jobs.
Reduce your turnover by choosing sales candidates that want to be there now AND in the future.
Increase your productivity and ultimately your revenue by hiring a higher caliber sales executive
Smooth your hiring experience through a streamlined sales recruitment process

Replacement or Reimbursement Guarantee. We want you to be completely satisfied with your candidate. Therefore, we offer an unprecedented 100% Employer Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason the candidate does not work out in the first 90 days, we will find a replacement that is satisfactory to you or return your money.

The long version:

We practice five core principles.
1. We utilize unique sourcing and screening techniques which include proprietary processes and tools, thus hiring only an elite group of sales professionals for the managed print services and document management industries. All individuals are ranked within the top 20% of their peer group. No exceptions. If we have to wade through ten resumes or 1,000, we never "settle."

2. We choose candidates who will provide quantifiable value to your company's bottom line. The rule of thumb is that the top 20% of sales professionals generate over 50% of the revenue at a company. Imagine the impact to your bottom line if you increase the quality of your sales management team and they generate an extra 10%.

3. We utilize technology to source top level tech savvy candidates. Great candidates are busy, resourceful and technology savvy and reaching them is a new ballgame. The Internet has dramatically changed the sales recruitment process, and we are experts at using this new technology – social media, professional message boards, online resume sites and video phones – to recruit the highest caliber of talent. We also rely on our own powerful network of candidates cultivated over 25 years in the managed print services and copier industries.

4. We specialize in one area only – managed print sales and document management sales, which gives us a laser focus. We only recruit for major account level sales and sales management positions, including executive sales positions, sales directors, sales vice presidents, and managed print sales solution specialists.

5. We provide you with an end-to-end human resource sales recruiting service, from competency modeling to job profiles to interview feedback templates.


Our Sales Recruitment Specialties

One Focus. One Industry

Managed Print Services
Document Management

We have spent 25 years walking in your shoes, starting in this industry when copiers were a standalone piece of equipment. We have watched this industry evolve into facilities management (FM), managed print services (MPS), document management with integrated professional services; as copiers became connected with printers, scanners, multi-functional devices, and fax machines. The print services industry has become very sophisticated, and we have never lost our passion for helping companies grow, progress and succeed. Combining our industry experience with yours is our strategic advantage.

Just as the industry has evolved, so too has the caliber of the sales and sales management candidates, and the sales recruitment process. Competition for top notch sales professionals is daunting. As you know, locating qualified and competent sales professionals is a challenge. Sure you can recruit on your own via the traditional websites for job postings, but do you truly believe the best talent has their resume posted on a job board? Is your time best spent sorting through hundreds of applications and conducting multiple rounds of interviews, or is your time better allocated to driving revenue and profits? Reasons like these are why more and more document management companies are turning to Human Capital Sales Search.

We have the experience to know who you are looking for; the technological savvy to know where the candidates are; the network of top talent that will funnel a large pool of sales candidates into an exceptional few, and the resources to shift your sales into high gear. Here is a small sample of some of the sales jobs we can help you fill: